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Welcome to The Little Shop of Music
The Little Shop of Music

Welcome to The Little Shop of Music

When my wife, Dawn, gave me the gift of guitar lessons for Father’s Day in 2012, I thought she was crazy. Those lessons with Danny Wilder on a hand-me-down Hondo guitar re-invigorated a love of music for me and soon my collection of vintage guitars exploded to nearly 30. 


I began collecting vinyl records at the age of 10, with my first purchases at Stan's Records in Shreve City: Grand Funk Railroad’s Grand Funk Hits album and Aldo Nova’s self-titled album.

Now, I’m fulfilling my dream of creating a shop for music lovers and musicians to gather, filled to the brim with the best stereo equipment, guitars, art and more. The Little Shop of Music is just that: a hang out spot, a record store and a place to connect to local music. 


Our guitar room in the shop features used and vintage guitars and an array of amps. Drop in, plug in and try them out. We also have listening rooms, so you can play your favorite record and listen to it on a quality stereo system ...that could you even buy and take home with you!


Some of my favorite things about owning the shop are our music events and listening parties. Oftentimes, a customer suggests a record and we gather to listen all together. I hope you can come by and listen sometime.



Scott Auer

Owner & Lifelong Music Fan.

  • Used and new vinyl records

  • Used and new CDs

  • Local music from Shreveport, Louisiana, Arkansas and Texas

  • Used and vintage Guitars

  • Guitar equipment (pedals, amps, picks, etc.)

  • Stereo equipment (receivers, turntables, speakers, etc.)

  • Music books

  • Music-related artwork